Foto's India

Photo made by Frans Vermost at Kanya Kumari (Cape Comorin), the most southerly point of India. I'm standing in the Indian Ocean looking towards the south pole with no land in between... The god Varuna?
Photo by Frans Vermost. Me and my Indian family at Bangalore. From left to right my Indian mother Sushila, my sister in law, Prabha, Atma Muni and my brother Gupta who is a lawyer...
Photo by Frans Vermost. With my Indian Family in Bangalore...
Me with my family in a shop in the entrance hall of Hotel de Paris in Varanasi (Benares). The Indian man is the shop keeper and tailor. He shows the different ways women can wear a sari... He was the secretary of Shyam Das, the hotel manager, and also a spiritual master. I had a very special and unforgettable conversation with him.
The iron pillar in Delhi, near the Qutab Minar. 7 m. high and 7 tons weight. The iron doesn't rust.
My Indian sister Aruna (from Bangalore), devoted sisya of Maharaj Ji, sitting beside the river Lidder (Lambodari) in Pahalgam. Last year (2017) forty years later she passed away. We became brother and sister in 1975 with a vedic ritual.
My sister Lalita, also a very devoted sisya of Maharaj Ji. Sister of Aruna. She is still in charge of a few Yoga Niketan ashrams.
My wife Rama (she passed away in 2008) with Aruna, warend a trip trough Kashmir with Maharaj Ji. On a boat on the Dal Lake at Srinagar.
My Family in front of a dispensary at Pathankot (Punjab) with Dr. Arun Khera. Dr. Khera is an eye surgeon who did his whole life volunteer work for the poor and for women.
My youngest daughter Daya (Debora) with Aruna walking in the beautiful scenery of Pahalgam, Kashmir.